Letters to Santa

This week we wrote letters to Santa. We asked him if he was keeping well, how his sleigh managed to fly around the whole world in one night, and gave him some good advice on not eating too many mince pies! 

Today we walked to the shop with Rabbits class to post them. Thank you to the helpers who came along. Let's hope we get a reply!

Traction Man cars

Today we completed our Design & Technology projects. 

This term, following our Toys topic, we have planned, designed, made and evaluated a car for Traction Man to use. The cars have now been sent home, but here are some pictures of our work. 

Pantomime fun

One of our 100 Memorable events is to visit the theatre and today was certainly a wonderfully memorable day. The pantomime was fantastic and it was quite magical watching all the children's faces light up. They really did enjoy themselves and the adults too! They joined in with enthusiasm, but were also incredibly well behaved and a pleasure to take out. Thank you Hedgehogs and Rabbits for a truly super day.